Read all about it, Read all about it!

November 14, 2022

Read all about it, Read all about it !

Payemoji in November issue of Total Grooming Magazine

We were delighted when Total Groomers Magazine (TGM) UK invited Payemoji to share with their readers the different digital technology options for Pet groomers to engage with their clients, from websites, mobile apps to our favorite messaging apps like WhatsApp. You can read the article here on page 14 of the November issue of TGM. We will share the key points here to save you time 😊

What digital technologies help Pet groomers grow their business?

Messaging apps, email, websites, and social media are technological tools that can help novice pet groomers setting up shop as well as established pet groomers looking to expand their clientele and services.   

It is common for Pet groomers to develop their Website with website building tools like or hire a website developer. Besides the initial costs for the Pet groomer, one of the big challenges is to maintain the website up to date and to drive traffic to the website. As most prospective clients use google search to discover businesses, most websites for small businesses struggle to make the 10th page of google, let alone page one.    

Increasingly Pet groomers are looking to Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc) to promote their business.  Social media allows pet groomers to post pictures or videos of their salon or pets before-and-after grooming at no cost.  The goal is to grow the number of followers and reach a broader audience that can be directed to the pet grooming website, but it is not always possible to provide a clickable website on all social media platforms which can result in a failed link to a groomer’s personal website.

Both websites and social media sites both have big challenges to reach the intended audience. The alternative is for the pet grooming business to reach clients directly via messenger apps or email and can reach the intended audience. Even if a client or potential client changes their phone number, their username is maintained on WhatsApp and the client is still reachable.  A further advantage that messaging apps have over email is that consumers are more likely to read messages received via text on their phones than email messages.

How Payemoji can enable conversational commerce for Pet groomers?

At Payemoji, we enable messenger apps for business, and we focus on the needs of small businesses. Through a messaging app (e.g., WhatsApp), we provide customer relationship management, eCommerce store, loyalty programmes, and digital payments. For service industries, like pet grooming, we also enable appointment bookings and handover to customer support, all without ever leaving the messaging app. 

You can try our Payemoji service for pet groomers using our demo ‘Muddy Puddle Groomers’. There are three simple ways to access the demo:

  • WhatsApp +447822000699 and say ‘hi’
  • Click on the link -  
  • (you must have access to WhatsApp desktop of WhatsApp on your phone)
  • Open your camera and read the QR code
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Every pet grooming business will get their own messaging app store, just like Muddy Puddle Groomer demo below. Clients are greeted with a structured menu where they can Order grooming products from an eCommerce store, share opening hours and special holidays, business location, contact details, newsletters (e.g., grooming tips, before and after pet grooms) and never miss another appointment by allowing clients to book appointments through messaging.  

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Each pet grooming business is provided a local mobile number (separate from their business number) that can be advertised on the  website or social media accounts.  On the pet groomers Facebook page, pet groomers can add a WhatsApp icon which points to their Payemoji messaging store using the local number provided. We also provide businesses with QR code(s) that make it simple for your customers to engage through a messenger app with your pet grooming business. 

Each business owner has access to a web portal on, with a dashboard that shows all the new orders and appointments, total sales, payments, top selling products and services. They can also see each conversation between their clients and the messaging chat bot. Through a shared inbox, any of the business’s staff can interject and respond to a client, and then hand it back to the chat bot. 

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Best of all no IT skills are required by the groomer to set up and customers do not need to download additional apps as they simply text your local mobile number on a preferred messaging app.

Sounds Interesting - Special Introductory Rate and Try risk free with a 30-day Trial

Everyone that signs up to our service get to try risk free for 30 days. You can cancel the service at any time and never pay a penny. If you do not like the service, no questions asked. We have also produced a super deal of £9.99 per month to use the service.  

So go ahead and join the conversation by taking advantage of the 23 hours that consumers spend per week on their Messaging Apps and use that to grow your Business.

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