Save Money, Grow Sales - Move A2P SMS to WhatsApp Business

Pricing plans

With Payemoji, you get an OMNI Channel Messaging and WhatsApp Business Platform, but without the cost and commitment of building your own platform.

Start Smart
WhatsApp Chatbots
WhatsApp Business platform
0% Transaction Fees by Payemoji 1
1000 Messages Included 2
Additional Messages 3 2.2c
Contact sales for pricing
Go Pro
eCommerce Store
Customised WhatsApp Chatbots
0% Transaction Fees by Payemoji
2500 Messages Included 2
Additional Messages 3 2.0c
Contact sales for pricing
Keep Growing
Integration to Enterprise IT 
Customised Chatbots (WhatsApp + Messaging)
Customised Workflows
8000 Messages Included 2
Additional Messages 3 1.5c
Contact sales for pricing
At Scale
Integration to Enterprise IT 
Customised Chatbots (WhatsApp + Messaging)
Customised Workflows
Included Messages contact sales
Additional Messages contact sales
Contact sales for pricing

Compare plans

See how teh different plans compare. Take to sales for customized plans and pricing.

Start Smart
Keep Growing
Go Pro
Admin Features
Admin Users
Mobile Numbers
Digital Payments
WhatsApp Chatbots (plus other Messaging Apps)
Digital Services
Customer Support
Business Dashboard
Shared Inbox
Customised Web Store Menu
Advanced Features
WhatsApp Widgets (Web Store, Facebook, Insta.)
Custom Workflows
Customized Chat bots (plus other Messaging Apps)
Cusomized eCommerce Store
Integrations to IT systems

1 Payemoji does not charge any transaction fees. However your payment provider or credit card processor will still charge you fees
2 Both inbound and outbound messages. Get in touch for WhatsApp templates charges.
3 Over and above messages included. Pricing per message inbound or outbound
4 Additional mobile numbers will be provided on demand.
* Pricing exclusive of taxes

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes. You can change your plan anytime and it will take effect in next billing cycle.

Can I handover from Message Chat Bot to an Agent / Staff?

Yes at anytime you can takeover a conversation with a customer.

Do you accept credit cards and / or invoices ?

We support billing with invoices and also credit cards. You will only be billed 30 days after the service starts, and only after you share a Credit Card or billing details with us.

How do I change my account email?

You can reach out to Payemoji support ( for change of account email.

Do you support custom implementations

Yes we support custom enterprise implementations, custom workflows and custom plans. Just get in touch with our sales and they will be happy to help you.

Still have questions?

Support details to capture customers that might be on the fence.

Amazing customer experiences for fraction of the cost and time

We can automate any customer journey in messaging apps like WhatsApp business, with integration to your enterprise systems.

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