Unified Message Inbox

Unified Message Inbox

Allows you and your staff to see all engagements with customers and handover conversations between staff. See all conversation history between your business and customers in one location.

Improve Customer Service

When a request comes through on messaging to speak to a person, Payemoji notifies everyone on your team through a shared inbox. Streamlining coordination with team members so you can better serve customers.

Key Features

All conversations in a unified inbox

See every conversation between your customers and your message chat, and with staff members. Works across all message channels. Conversation history with customers all in one location.

Handover to any staff member

At anytime you can respond directly to a customer, or a customer can request to speak to a person, and its simple to handover to a staff member. A notification is sent when a customer requests support from a person.

OMNI Channel Message support

Our inbox service works with 70+ Messaging and Communication Channels. WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Google Business Messages and more

Amazing Customer Experiences,
Automate Customer Journeys,
All Through Messaging Apps.

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