WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp Business App – only better

Turn WhatsApp Business into the most sophisticated customer engagement tool ever with Payemoji WhatsApp business platform. No technical knowledge required.

WhatsApp Business platform

With Payemoji you can engage your customers and employees with any journey in the world’s most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, at any time and with integrations to your IT systems.

Key Features

WhatsApp business features

Compare the additional features with Payemoji WhatsApp business platform compared to WhatsApp business app.

Better support with Unified Inbox

Allows you and your staff to see all engagements with customers, conversation history and handover conversations between staff.

Interactive Menus and Journeys

Automate any customer and employee journey with our WhatsApp business platform. Interactive menus make it simple for anyone to interact with your business.

Amazing Customer Experiences,
Automate Customer Journeys,
All Through Messaging Apps.

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