Engage customers through messaging

Payemoji is an omni channel messaging service that enables any customer and employee journey all through everyday messaging apps like WhatsApp Business. No IT skills required. No mobile app to download.

98% Open Rates and 4X conversion of email, conversational sales & lead generation works.   Augment existing marketing campaigns with messaging apps such as WhatsApp Business and augmented by AI.

Build exceptional customer support by adding Omni channel messaging support & plug into existing IT systems such as contact centres, IT service management and enterprise AI.

Notifications that people see and with 98% Open Rates work.  Verified sender (business tick), automate any customer, employee or client engagement with messaging and integration to back-end systems.

Automate any customer interaction in messaging apps

Selected by META for the future of communication in collaboration, we are an OMNI Channel Messaging and WhatsApp Business platform. You get easy access to all features of a conversational commerce service.  Integrations to your IT and AI.

We automate any customer of employee workflow, from support to lead generation in messaging apps and WhatsApp business. Integration to Enterprise IT and Conversational AI.
Engage members of the public in a 'digitally inclusive' way, provide information, give support, automate customer workflows. No mobile app to download.
Engage customers, sell products & services, accept payments, take bookings and so much more through messaging apps like WhatsApp business.

Amazing customer experiences

Unified Inbox allows you and your staff to see all engagements with customers and handover conversations between staff.

See all message & WhatsApp conversations in one place

Handover any time from message chatbot to staff

Integrate into your CRMs, Contact Centres etc.

Engage customers in their favorite messaging app. 70+ messaging channels supported including WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google messages and much more.

Engage customers in their favorite messaging app.

No mobile app to download, or maintain.

Simple to use. Everyone can use WhatsApp

Send timely, personalized and bulk WhatsApp messages for notifications and engagement to all your customers.

Safe notifications with verified sender

Interactive with quick replies and lists

Customer Experience with Rich media

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Payemoji product and services.

Which businesses does Payemoji serve

Payemoji works for Enterprises, public bodies and small to medium businesses. We support any customer support, customer notifications and sales use cases through messaging apps like WhatsApp Business. Some of the enterprise use cases are in the transportation (airlines, trains, airports), logistics, recruitment and IT service management.

Which messaging apps do you support

Payemoji is an OMNI channel messaging service and with Payemoji you can engage customers in their favorite messaging app. 70+ messaging channels supported including WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google messages and much more. Get in touch to learn more.

How much does the service cost?

We offer a wide range of different pricing plans for small businesses, to largest enterprises and public bodies. Check out our pricing page and get in touch with our sales. With Payemoji you wil get an amazing customer experience for a fraction of the costs and time.

Will you integrate into my IT systems and Enterprise AI? 

Yes we will integrate into your Enterprise IT, either with our Developer APIs or through your system APIs. You can integrate into ChatGPT or your enterprise AI. Get in touch with us and we can discuss.

Do you support custom implementations?

Yes we support custom enterprise implementations, custom workflows, customer intergrations and custom plans. Just get in touch with our sales and they will be happy to help you.

Still have questions?

Contact our sales team who will be happy to help with your enquiries

"Plug and Play LA, in collaboration with Meta is thrilled to present Payemoji to the stellar cohort of startups in our ‘Future of Communications’ Program! Our accelerator initiative is tailored to uplift the upcoming wave of innovative startups, concentrating on shaping the future of business messaging."



"Payemoji conversational commerce solutions enable us to offer excellent support through their shared inbox. Customers can order and pay for our products, with no more dropped conversations"


CEO & Founder, The Watertree Project

"Cobalt is passionate about serving our customers, and in their preferred channel. Payemoji in just a few weeks rolled out an OMNI Channel message service with integration with our Goto CRM and IT system. Our customers love the more personal interaction with us"


CEO & Founder, Cobalt Technology Ltd

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