Enterprise Integrations

Integrate to IT system

Simple to Integrate via our public developer APIs or we will integrate our service into your back end systems, such as CRM, IT  service management, knowledgebase and Contact centre etc.

Integrations to your Enterprise Systems

Integrations to all enterprise systems either via our APIs or to the enterprise systems e.g. CRMs like Salesforce, Zendesk, Goto, IT service management like ServiceNow, Netsapiens. Contact centres, POS, Payment gateways, notifications and many more.

Key Features

OMNI Channel Messaging

Our service works with 70+ Messaging and Communication Channels. WhatsApp,Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, Google Business Messages and more.

Live Updates & Surveys

Create custom surveys to gather valuable data from customers and employees through messaging apps. Use it to create a powerful alternative to forms with an input history readily available to both the user and your company.

Unified Inbox

Our shared inbox allows you to see all conversations between members of the public and your chatbot. At any time handover a chat to an agent to respond.

Amazing Customer Experiences,
Automate Customer Journeys,
All Through Messaging Apps.

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