Travel & Hospitality

Engage customers through their favorite messaging apps. Now you can book events, get information on local attractions, send and receive messages, and receive payments through WhatsApp

We are an OMNI Channel Messaging and WhatsApp Business Platform supporting 70+ message and communication channels

How it works

Automate any customer workflow in Messaging

Reduce costs with Call Deflection

Redirect incoming customer service calls to a persistent messaging assistant in order to reduce the burden on your call center agents. Next time customers can engage through their messaging app, thus avoiding the call..

Automate any Workflow

Deliver amazing customer experiences. Automate any customer journey in messaging apps for a fraction of the cost and time.

Enterprise Integrations

We have developer APIs that are simple to integrate into. Or we will integrate our service into your  systems from your PoS, accounting software, Point of Sale, CRM, public APIs, legacy systems etc. We will work with you to make sure our service works E2E for your service.

Use Cases

Case Study Example

We can automate any travel and hospitality use case in messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage etc. and integrate into enterprise systems.


Unified Inbox

Our shared inbox allows you to see all conversations between members of the public and your chatbot. At any time handover a chat to a staff member to respond.

OMNI Channel Messaging

Provide a more personal intimate experience through messaging

- 81% message businesses to ask about products or services.

- 74% message businesses to make a purchase.

- 75% message businesses to get support

Book Events and appointments

Allow customers to book events and appointments. Alternatively use a different 3rd party booking system, no trouble with Payemoji.

Amazing Customer Experiences
Automate Customer Journeys
All Through Messaging Apps

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