Promotions, Notifications & OTPs

Promote your Business

WhatsApp Business has 98% open rates, upto 60% Click through and 4-5x conversion of Email and SMS, making promotions through WhatsApp and messaging very effective. Send bulk WhatsApp messages for Opt In Clients. Save money on OTPs vs. SMS.

Build your Customer base

Every customer that messages your business you know their mobile number. If they order products and services, you know what they like. You can then promote new products or specials all through messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Key Features

Customer Relationship Management

Build your customer base with Payemoji CRM you have every customer and prospect that messages your business.

Bulk Notifications

Secure, personalised and interactive notifications, making promotions easy. Send bulk WhatsApp messages with WhatsApp flows for Opt In Clients. Save money on A2P SMS engagement..

Interactive conversations

When sending notifications, it's easy to add Call To Action for improved customer engagement and upsell products & services.

Amazing Customer Experiences,
Automate Customer Journeys,
All Through Messaging Apps.

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