WhatsApp My Recruiter

June 12, 2023

WhatsApp my Recruiter

To start this week’s blog, I would like to give a shout out to a couple of my favorite people (who recruited me to roles in Singapore and Ireland) Amit and Nikki! Also, would like to say I will be celebrating 6th April 2024 - a day for celebration of recruiters the world over. Now enough buttering up recruiters, and to the subject of this week’s blog – how can recruitment firms upgrade their WhatsApp experience and use WhatsApp business platform to engage and source candidates.  

How do recruiters use WhatsApp today?

Recruiters love to chat on their favorite messenger app (e.g., WhatsApp) to hire their ideal candidate, great! This is typically through one-to-one conversations (between recruiter and candidate). The following is a typical journey from sourcing candidates to selecting and securing the final candidate. The reality is that today this is done through a mixture of engagement with messaging being used through every phase as it’s more intimate and every candidate has WhatsApp on their phone, and they view it as a secure and convenient communication channel.  

Figure: How recruiters use 1:1 WhatsApp today

How can a WhatsApp Business Platform help recruiters?

As can be seen from the previous figure, WhatsApp is used throughout each phase of the hiring process. Engaging clients 1:1 with messenger apps like WhatsApp have downsides for a growing recruitment business. e.g.  

  • No conversation history - what was said, what was promised?  
  • 1:1 chat - no holiday cover, no handover between staff.  
  • No integrations - ATS out of date / out of synch.
  • No workflow automation - everything is manual.  

If we investigate the typical ways that recruiters use WhatsApp in the candidate hiring and onboarding process, there are many ways this can be improved using a WhatsApp business platform approach like Payemoji, rather than relying on 1:1 conversation which exist outside of existing systems.  

Payemoji OMNI Channel and WhatsApp Business Platform

With Payemoji's OMNI Channel and WhatsApp Messaging Platform, recruiters can engage candidates 24x7 on their favorite messenger app, automate any recruitment workflow, provide VIP-level service through a shared inbox, and keep your ATS system always updated with the latest conversations. Our service also works cross platform e.g., web, social, iOS, android, laptop etc. and no technical skills are required to setup. Also, any recruitment journey can be automated and synchronized with the ATS system of the recruiters.

Figure: The differences between Payemoji platform versus 1:1 chat

The best way to see how this works is through a simple demo video, please see an example for a recruitment agency using our Payemoji platform.  

Demo: Recruitment using Payemoji WhatsApp Business Platform.

Every recruitment business using the WhatsApp business service will get:

  • Candidate Engagement: A local mobile number(s) for the business, a QR code, a website widget
  • A 24x7 message chatbot to engage with candidates, customised to their business.
  • Customised workflows to handle common tasks e.g., candidate screening.
  • Integrations to Recruiters ATS
  • Shared Inbox where all recruiters can see conversations with candidates and conversation history.
  • Appointment booking to allow candidates to book interview appointments.

Sounds Interesting – Get in touch now.

We would love to chat with you about your recruitment needs and how Payemoji can help your business engage candidates. Get in touch with us at sales@payemoji.com and we will schedule a call.

So go ahead and join the conversation by taking advantage of the 23 hours that consumers spend per week on their Messaging Apps and use that to grow your Business.

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